Admission requirements

Before applying for a study programme, have a good look at the website of the higher education institution of your choice. The general admission requirements are a diploma and proof of the required language level.


Most qualifications obtained abroad do not grant direct admission. This means that the diploma is not automatically recognised as equivalent to a Flemish diploma and that admission can be granted after an individual application procedure.

For bachelor’s studies in Flemish higher education institutions, admission is granted on the basis of a secondary education diploma that gives access to university studies in the country where the diploma was awarded. Besides your diploma, you will need an accompanying access declaration stating that, on the grounds of your diploma, you can be admitted to university studies in the country in which the diploma was awarded. You can download the access declaration form on the website of the Flemish higher education institution of your choice and have it completed at your high school.

Entry examinations are compulsory for (only taught in Dutch) and for schools of arts.

If you wish to register for a bachelor’s or a master’s programme and obtained a diploma issued within the Flemish Community, you are not required to submit an online application and you can start your registration directly.

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Language level

English at level B2 is required for most bachelor’s and master’s programmes taught in English. The B2 level equals a minimal TOEFLtest score of 510-559 (paper-based), or 72-94 (internet-based). For IELTS the minimum overall band score is 6.0. For certain study programmes, specific language requirements apply (eg. Master of Arts in Linguistics and Literature).

If you want to study in Dutch, the language level B2 is required for most bachelor's programmes. Level C1 is required for some specific programmes (eg. the Bachelor of Arts in Applied Language Studies (Bachelor of Arts in de toegepaste taalkunde)).

Still not sure which English taught programme you want to apply for? Keep on looking!

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Positioning tests

Various study programmes organize "positioning tests". These tests give you an idea of the level of the study programma and whether you have sufficient prior knowledge to succesfully complete the programme. For some programmes, participation in the positioning test is mandatory. The positioning test however is never totally binding. Even if you do not pass, you can start the programme.

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Additional requirements

Depending on the study programme, additional documents (eg. GMAT score, SAT score, transcipts of records,.. ) may be needed. In Flemish higher education, each institution is responsible for its own admissions. This implies that admission requirements can slightly differ between institutions and study programmes. Take a look at the dedicated webpages below.



Universities of applied sciences (and arts)

Flemish higher education system

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