Testimonial Bethmann Bank

Despite the significant bank-technical and technical complexity and the challenges arising from the interaction of such a large number of parties involved, we were able to meet the scheduled date - for the benefit of our customers.

Jaap van Oord, Chief Operating Officer, Bethmann Bank AG

Reference Selection


Wealth Management

Financial Business

Reference List

Reference Private Client Bank

Private Client Bank AG, Zurich

Reference LGT Capital Partners

LGT Capital Partners AG, Pfäffikon SZ

Reference FINAD

FINAD Financial Advisors, Zürich

Reference WMPartners

WMPartners Vermögensverwaltungs AG, part of the Julius Baer Group, Zurich

Reference Centrum Bank

Centrum Bank, Vaduz

Reference Avaloq Group

Avaloq Group

Reference Avalor Investment

Avalor Investment AG, Zurich

Reference EFG Bank

EFG Bank, Zurich

Reference GWM

GWM, Zurich

Reference Bethmann Bank

Bethmann Bank AG - ABN AMRO Private Banking, Hamburg

Reference Bank for International Settlements

Bank for International Settlements SA, Basel

Reference Bellerive Financial Services

Bellerive Financial Services AG, Zurich

Reference UBP Investment

UBP Investment S.A., Geneva

Reference responsAbility Investments

responsAbility Investments AG, Zurich

Reference theScreener Investor Services

theScreener Investor Services AG, Zurich

Reference Valartis Asset Management

Valartis Asset Management SA, Geneva

Reference Marcuard Heritage

Marcuard Heritage AG, Zurich, Singapore and Limassol

Reference Clarus Capital Group

Clarus Capital Group AG, Zurich

Reference Credit Suisse Private Advisors

Credit Suisse Private Advisors, Zurich

Reference Kaiser Partner

Kaiser Partner Management Services Anstalt, Vaduz

Our Partners

In order to provide our customers with the best service and high-quality Private Banking Solution (WRM), we work with various partners. We complement each other and are thus able to cover almost all needs.

Partner Infor
Partner vwd group
Partner Digicomp
Partner CDDS
Partner Swisscom
Partner Microsoft